How much $$ should I be making in my wellness business?


When you're creating a new business it's difficult to know what to shoot for financially.

What's possible?
What model do you base it on?
How do you know if you're doing well (or not)?

Join me to discuss this question: How much $$ should I be making in my wellness business?

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Are you prioritizing the right things in your online business?


Are you prioritizing the little things, the fun stuff, the thrills and the frills? Or are you prioritizing the core of you online business?

You really should be prioritizing what moves your business forward and what allows it to grow and make money.  How you do this is to get clear on who you are as a business and who you want to work with and start building that audience of potential future paying customers.

Watch this video for tools and tips on getting clear in order to prioritize what matters.

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Are You Investing In You?


Taking time to invest in you is not only fun and essential self care, it makes your treatment sessions more powerful and can increase the return in your business.  Watch this video to find out more.

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Cultivating a Generosity of Spirit


How much generosity of spirit can you choose today? 

Generosity of spirit is about creating a different energy in your life; being happy for others and happy for yourself. When you function from generosity of spirit, it invites more into your world, including money.  When you choose more, it creates more, but when you judge what others are creating, you are doing competition and it stops you from receiving and stops the possibilities available to you.

If someone is creating something, it opens a door for you to do the same.  Watch this video for questions you can ask yourself from a generosity of spirit when someone else has created something you desire too.

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Change Your Money Mindset Today


What is your current experience with money?  Do you have way more than you can imagine, or do you have a lack with money? 

Your point of view creates your reality.  Likewise, the energy that you be around money creates the experience you have with money.   If you don't like your current money situation, knowing that it is a result of your points of view about money allows you to change it, because, you will prove yourself right no matter what point of view you have about money.  Start choosing in the direction that you would like to see more of, and that will open up for you.

Watch this video to change the energy that you have around money.  

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Doing Whatever It Takes Vs What Makes You Happy


Money follows joy but it doesn't mean you stop doing what you don't find fun, nor to only do that which is fun for you.  It's not an either or universe.  It can be both.  Sometimes, doing whatever it takes is what brings you to the place that will bring you to more joy.

Watch this video for some questions and tools for ease with doing whatever it takes when required.

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Create the Judgement that Creates More for YOU


Today's video is so much fun!

What if you started creating the judgments that create more for you and receive all the judgments people project at you, no matter what they are?

People are going to judge anyway. Watch this video to find out how to make judgment create more for you and your business.

I also introduce my 6 Figure Sales Strategy Accelerator. Watch this webinar to find out more:

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Do You Wish You Had An Online Business Yet?


Look at what is happening in the world today with coronavirus protection. If you have a brick and mortar or service based business only, how is this going to effect you? And, coronavirus is just the latest attack on your profitability.

What if you protected yourself financially and future proofed you and your existing business, by getting out of the linear mindset of time and location and starting to add different revenue sources; building an online business to support that, and making money from home?

In this video, I touch on a couple of the excuses people use to not start an online business, so that you can get over yourself and start now! I also go much more in depth into these, as well as providing tools and tips to start, in my FREE 2-hour workshop, The Wrinkle Free Start Up Guide to creating an online business. Have you taken it yet? You can get here: 

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Truths with Lies Attached that Stick You in Business


Today I’m showing you how to spot the lies that keep your business from growing.  This is also a great skill to have in life!

You know when something is true for you; your world lights up. You also know when someone lies to you; it has that energy of heaviness.  Spotting truths with lies attached can be trickier.

Here’s an example for all you entrepreneurs out there. Do you ever say: "No one can do things like me...?"  This is partly true. You are unique in the world, there is no one else like you. It’s also partly a lie. Say what? Well, are there people who can do parts of your business better than you? Or do you really have to do everything by yourself?

Once you spot the lie, asking a question will lead you to a greater possibility. Such as asking: "Who can I hire who is greater than me at...accounts, systems, marketing etc?"

When you have more free time and energy to do what you’re great at, your business will grow and grow!

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Are You Making It About The Money?


Are the decisions you make in your business all about the money? Or do you look at the bigger picture?

Wait a minute…isn’t business supposed to be about money?

Yes, and when you make every single decision based on what you think you can afford it diminishes the future.

Years ago, I decided I couldn’t afford childcare for my twin babies. Working from home and caring for two babies left me with little energy to devote to my business. When I changed my point of view and hired a baby-sitter for a few hours, it allowed me to work more, grow my business and earn more money.

For any decision you’re making ask yourself, what will this choice create?

This doesn’t mean you ignore money. Far from it. You’ve got to be really clear about how much you’re earning and what it costs to run your life and your business.

Then, make choices that will create a greater future for you, your life and your business.

Look at the bigger picture and ask for the money...

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