The Health & Wellness Course Creation Challenge is Open!


The Health & Wellness Course Creation Challenge is Open!

The global health and wellness market is estimated to reach a value of US$4.24 Billion by 2026. Still on the fence about creating your wellness course?

Let me make it easy for you.

Join my upcoming 5-day course creation challenge and Create Your First Online Course - In Less Than A Week

Even if you don't have an idea or expertise, & even if someone else has already done it, this challenge is for YOU!

Are you ready to take your business to the next level and stop working so hard?

Watch to find out all the details, or go straight to 

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How much $$ should I be making in my wellness business?


When you're creating a new business it's difficult to know what to shoot for financially.

What's possible?
What model do you base it on?
How do you know if you're doing well (or not)?

Join me to discuss this question: How much $$ should I be making in my wellness business?

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Finding Your Voice in Your Marketing


Little things in your tone, using certain words (or not) can really define and clarify who you are targeting with your message. They call it "brand voice." I like to think of it as the way people get to know you (even when it's not actually you).

Watch this video to find your voice in your marketing.

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Showing Up & Putting Yourself Out to the World Authentically


What if you could show up and be authentically you without having the confidence first? 

What this video for some hacks to assist you to do just that, because it's the choice to show up and put yourself out there that creates you actually putting yourself out there.


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A thriving wellness business on and offline


What would it be like if you had a thriving on and offline business no matter what was going on in the world?  It's my personal mission to make that happen.

Learn how you scale your business so you reach more people without doing more work, and get some of your time back.

Last chance to join The Global Practitioners today.  Doors won't open again to the general public for a few months.  Details here:

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The Creation Phase


The Creation Phase of your online business is where you really dive into the who, what, when, where & how, and create from that space.

Watch this video for more information on targeting the primary elements of creation for your business, rather than randomly creating stuff.

As mentioned in the video, The Global Practitioners is a space where you grow an engaged audience of buyers and learn how to create profitable offers that will sell themselves, all while being energetically congruent with who you are and authentic to who you be.  It's about reaching more people and making a bigger impact while increasing your revenue.

Doors open in a couple of weeks for a limited time only, so join the waitlist to be the first to know when they open.

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The Exploration Phase


The first phase in the Global Practitioners is the Exploration Phase.  This phase is when you are starting out in your online business and discovering what it is you are doing and who you are doing it for; an exploration that will lead to the eventual creation, engagement and offer making for your business. 

The phases are cyclical, so we always come back to the exploration phase.

What questions do you ask?  How do you get awareness?  What information do you explore?

Join Lauren as she interviews one of her students who is currently in the Exploration Phase, about their business and what she is exploring.

You can be one of the first to know when the doors open again for The Global Practitioners membership by joining the waitlist here:

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Small but Successful Membership Launches


A conversation with Rebecca Hulse and Venus Castelberg about their successful membership launches.

If you have a membership or are interested in creating a membership, this video is a must for tools, tips and inspiration.

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Are You Creating For You or Your Audience?


Watch this video for the difference between having massive audiences participating in your classes or watching or reading your online content, and only hearing crickets because you have no audience.

It's about literally asking your audience what it is they want, and then delivering it to them.

For a free guide to online business visit:

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The One Step to Take Today


 It is possible to create an online business for people in hands-on treatment industries like beauty therapy, massage, alternative health practices, etc.

What is one action step you can take today to create an online business from scratch, or grow your existing online business?

[As mentioned in the video:  FREE training - 3 Secrets to Make a Living Outside the Treatment Room.  More details here:]

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