Hey I'm Lauren

I help people with health & wellness, or lifestyle coaching practices like yourself who are struggling with trading time-for-dollars, COVID19 restrictions that have effected their business, or are just generally ready to be excited about what they do again.

After being a successful acupuncturist and owner of a multi-disciplinary wellness center for over 10 years, I learned how frustrating running a hands-on practice (and managing staff) can be when you don't have any recurring or online revenue coming in.

I've spent the last 10 years building an online business after leaving my wellness center and acupuncture practice behind.

I know the pitfalls, time-wasters, bright-shiny distractions, and have probably failed at more things than you will ever TRY to do!

But the good news is... having gone before you, I can save you a ton of time and effort so you can focus on the things that you are BEST at.

I have been an entrepreneur my entire life. I've had a zillion jobs, several businesses, a few different careers. I've failed, probably more times than most people have ever started anything, and I've had some successes, as well. Really, I want to invite you to a possibility beyond failure and success. Right now is a great time to practice still having ease and fun, no matter what is going on.

For me I love creating, and I love business. I want to bring that joy to whoever is asking for more of that. If that is you, I hope you enjoy this podcast!