Truths with Lies Attached that Stick You in Business


Today I’m showing you how to spot the lies that keep your business from growing.  This is also a great skill to have in life!

You know when something is true for you; your world lights up. You also know when someone lies to you; it has that energy of heaviness.  Spotting truths with lies attached can be trickier.

Here’s an example for all you entrepreneurs out there. Do you ever say: "No one can do things like me...?"  This is partly true. You are unique in the world, there is no one else like you. It’s also partly a lie. Say what? Well, are there people who can do parts of your business better than you? Or do you really have to do everything by yourself?

Once you spot the lie, asking a question will lead you to a greater possibility. Such as asking: "Who can I hire who is greater than me at...accounts, systems, marketing etc?"

When you have more free time and energy to do what you’re great at, your business will grow and grow!


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