Are You Making It About The Money?


Are the decisions you make in your business all about the money? Or do you look at the bigger picture?

Wait a minute…isn’t business supposed to be about money?

Yes, and when you make every single decision based on what you think you can afford it diminishes the future.

Years ago, I decided I couldn’t afford childcare for my twin babies. Working from home and caring for two babies left me with little energy to devote to my business. When I changed my point of view and hired a baby-sitter for a few hours, it allowed me to work more, grow my business and earn more money.

For any decision you’re making ask yourself, what will this choice create?

This doesn’t mean you ignore money. Far from it. You’ve got to be really clear about how much you’re earning and what it costs to run your life and your business.

Then, make choices that will create a greater future for you, your life and your business.

Look at the bigger picture and ask for the money to show up as well!


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