How much $$ should I be making in my wellness business?


When you're creating a new business it's difficult to know what to shoot for financially.

What's possible?
What model do you base it on?
How do you know if you're doing well (or not)?

Join me to discuss this question: How much $$ should I be making in my wellness business?

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Taking Your Hands-On Practice ONLINE


Getting started online is not only about creating revenue whilst you can't touch people during this time of corona, it's about creating a sustainable, profitable future for your business. No matter what the new normal ends up being, you will have an expanded business with additional revenue streams when can go back to touching people in your hands-on business. Business is never going to be normal again. What is required for you to take it to the next level? It's about where to start, getting started and scaling.

Watch this video if you want to know what contribution you can be to growing your own online business.

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