Why My Biggest Success Made Me Want To Quit


In this video, I reveal something I've never shared publicly before, about a big win I had in my business just last year that triggered an enormous amount of doubt in me and my abilities, and made me want to hide from it and just quit. 

It's a very vulnerable moment for me to speak so openly about this experience, but I'm willing to share it to assist you in your online business endeavors.  I'm hoping my story will give you insights to let go of doubt and keep moving forward in those times you just want to quit.

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Do You Have Busy-ness or Business?


What if you could stop doing to prove and start doing to create?

Your life is your business.  What if it could be more of a creation?  Do you even know what your target is?  Watch this video for more on stopping the do, do, doing that is getting you nowhere, and including your Being more to create successes.

Note:  For a deeper dive into streamlining your business, focusing your efforts and creating a greater result with less work, join me on my FREE masterclass, Going Beyond Back to Back Clients.  Register here.

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Doing Whatever It Takes Vs What Makes You Happy


Money follows joy but it doesn't mean you stop doing what you don't find fun, nor to only do that which is fun for you.  It's not an either or universe.  It can be both.  Sometimes, doing whatever it takes is what brings you to the place that will bring you to more joy.

Watch this video for some questions and tools for ease with doing whatever it takes when required.

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