Get it Done or Get it Done Perfect?


What's going to create more? Get it done, or get it done perfect?

This video is for you if you put things off because you want them to be perfect first. There is no 'perfect'; everything can always get better. So, just get it done! You have amazing content - now just get it out there!

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What Can Transform in YOUR Business in a Week?


Are you willing to add different energies to your business or is your point of view keeping you stuck in someway?  Are you willing to be the one who takes chances and experiments; to be on the creative edge, looking at both the current times and the trends in your business?

In this video, Lauren Marie asks you to look at what ways can you change your business that would allow your business to transform in a week, and allow your business to grow.  If you have been doing your business the same way for years, what possibilities are now available to you that you haven't considered before?  You need to be willing to grow and change your business to stay current now and in the future.

NB: If you are working with people in a hands-on practice,  take the non-mom mom 5-day challenge to take that business online and have at least one product set up to create sales by the end of the week!

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Taking Your Hands-On Practice ONLINE


Getting started online is not only about creating revenue whilst you can't touch people during this time of corona, it's about creating a sustainable, profitable future for your business. No matter what the new normal ends up being, you will have an expanded business with additional revenue streams when can go back to touching people in your hands-on business. Business is never going to be normal again. What is required for you to take it to the next level? It's about where to start, getting started and scaling.

Watch this video if you want to know what contribution you can be to growing your own online business.

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Groundhogs Day. What Else is Possible?


Are you just doing the same-old, same-old, day after day in this time of social isolation?  What if you could choose something different? Get excited about life again?

The key is to break up your routine, even just by changing the way you do the simple small stuff, like the hand you brush your teeth with or the direction you go for a walk.  Or, can you add something different to your routine or learn something new?


For businesses, now is the time to set targets for where you would like your business to be at the end of this as well as looking at what innovative systems you can put in place for your business now. 

On the video for ideas on what else is possible.  For example, is it a chance to organize, hire staff, start a podcast and create new online streams of revenue that will continue to support your business when this is all over?


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Fear or Joy of Failure?


Is it actually true you have a fear of failure?

Recognizing this one thing can make all the difference in the world for your business. But you’ve got to get honest and vulnerable with yourself in order to change it.

Are you willing?

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Needs, Wants, Desires... What Are You Asking For?


Right now people are looking at what they can't do and don't have. What would it create if you would instead look at what you would like to create, so that what you desire shows up?

Are you willing to ask for that? Are you willing to demand of you to make whatever changes are required? What could you ask for that would create a difference for you and your business?

Watch this video to find out why focusing on your needs and wants is never going to get you what you desire.

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Meet & Greet with Lauren Marie

Uncategorized Apr 15, 2020

Meet Lauren Marie, the non-mom MOM. What is her business background? How did non-mom MOM get started? Why is her new online business membership even more relevant for you today?

In this video, Lauren speaks briefly about her journey as an entrepreneur, with all the failures and successes … and then got all excited about the new membership program being launched.

The Non-Mom Membership is all about starting & growing your business online. It’s what everyone is talking about now, even though we have had this planned since last year!

Find out more about the non-mom Membership here:

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Creating in Business with Kids at Home


Have you suddenly found yourself working from home, and the kids are at home too, and you don't know how or aren't used to making that combination work for you and your business and your kids? 

With the current coronavirus pandemic, a lot of people are in this situation. Whereas, having the kids at home whilst I am creating is a normal day for me. So, in today's video, I give you simple, practical tips that work for me when I am creating in my business and I have kids at home. Watch it to find out!

I have also launched my new non-mom membership, which is only open until April 7th 2020, to assist anyone with practical steps for creating an online business from home. Go here for more information:

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Are You Acting or Reacting? Staying on the Creative Edge of Business


Right now, most businesses are reacting to the current world crisis. It's never going to work if you create your business from reaction.

How do you know if you are reacting or taking action? What is the fastest way to come out of reaction and into choice, possibility and action? How do you future proof your business? These are just some of the questions I address in today's video.

If you require more personalized assistance with this, or with setting up or growing a business, check out my non-mom monthly membership here:

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Do You Wish You Had An Online Business Yet?


Look at what is happening in the world today with coronavirus protection. If you have a brick and mortar or service based business only, how is this going to effect you? And, coronavirus is just the latest attack on your profitability.

What if you protected yourself financially and future proofed you and your existing business, by getting out of the linear mindset of time and location and starting to add different revenue sources; building an online business to support that, and making money from home?

In this video, I touch on a couple of the excuses people use to not start an online business, so that you can get over yourself and start now! I also go much more in depth into these, as well as providing tools and tips to start, in my FREE 2-hour workshop, The Wrinkle Free Start Up Guide to creating an online business. Have you taken it yet? You can get here: 

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