Groundhogs Day. What Else is Possible?


Are you just doing the same-old, same-old, day after day in this time of social isolation?  What if you could choose something different? Get excited about life again?

The key is to break up your routine, even just by changing the way you do the simple small stuff, like the hand you brush your teeth with or the direction you go for a walk.  Or, can you add something different to your routine or learn something new?


For businesses, now is the time to set targets for where you would like your business to be at the end of this as well as looking at what innovative systems you can put in place for your business now. 

On the video for ideas on what else is possible.  For example, is it a chance to organize, hire staff, start a podcast and create new online streams of revenue that will continue to support your business when this is all over?



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