The 3 Myths of Procrastination

How do you deal with procrastination?  
First thing is to realize it’s really just a choice. 
Second thing is to NOT JUDGE whatever it is that you’re choosing.
There are no right or wrong choices, there are just choices that create different results.  If you don’t like the results you’re getting - make a different choice.
Join Lauren Marie as she uncovers 3 myths about procrastination.  Maybe you are functioning from one of them?
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The 4 Sources for Creation


Have you ever considered adding something in your lives or making a change? Do you realize you have choice, have you considered all the possibilities and asked lots of questions about the contribution of it? It's not a black and white universe where there is only two choices.  

Watch this video for the 4 sources of creation - question, choice, possibility and contribution and how it applies to business; especially when adding to or making a change.

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Choosing for Awareness in Business


If you do what you have been told is the 'right' way in business and it doesn't work, you end up judging yourself "I must have done it wrong, " or "I am wrong."  When you choose for awareness, there is no right or wrong.  You get the awareness of what your choice creates either way, which brings you out of right or wrong.  What choices can you make for your business when you are no longer functioning from right or wrong? 

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