6 Words to Eliminate from Your Vocabulary as a Successful Entrepreneur

blog Jan 15, 2020
Are you aware of the words you use and the energy that creates in your life?
Be aware when you hear yourself using any of these words what you are creating or destroying in your business 
  •  Leads you around in a circle
  • Try to figure out WHY something worked or didn’t work - it just did or didn't
  • There is no try, do or don’t do 
  • Recognise when some says they will try to do something that they have no intention of doing it
  • You are an infinite being, you have no need. Every need you think you have is an invention, not a reality
  •     Want means to LACK. If you want something it means you don’t have it, you won’t have it, you’re not creating by wanting, you’re maintaining the lack that you have currently in your life. DESIRE not want
  • Everything after the but negates what you just said before. I’d like to hire staff BUT, I’d like to do a class or training in this country BUT, I’d like to 
  • Never say never! What if anything was possible? When you function from infinite possibilities, never isn’t a reality.
Write down these 6 words - if you catch yourself using them, write it down and tear it up!

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