What's the Gift of Working from Home?

blog Dec 24, 2019

When I found out I was pregnant with twins I didn’t know how I would support them, what it would be like to have TWO infants and if I’d even be able to work! 🤰🏼

I made a commitment to myself to create an extra chunk, working online, before they were born. I knew that would buy me 3 months time in case I couldn’t work at all.

Well, I did it and I had the confidence that I could do it again, and greater, and there was no turning back.

The twins are now 4-years old and I’ve grown my at-home-business more than 5X from what I was earning before they were born.

Wish you could have a lifestyle that affords you the freedom to work online from anywhere? 👩🏻‍💻

The flexibility to stay home with your kids and the ability to travel or have luxuries in your life...

What’s the gift of working from home ... for you? 🙆🏼🏝


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