Grow your service business' reach on Instagram

Your 30-Day CUSTOM Start-Up Deck will give you a strategy tailored for your business to help you get you more clients


You want to work with your clients (not become Insta-famous or an entertainer)

I'll do the work for you, give you the exact step-by-step on what to film, the messaging to use, and the strategy to follow

I can't afford ads or to hire a social media manager

You aren't ready for this yet! There's testing and practicing to be done first.

None of your posts get any comments (except from your mom and best friend)

Don't worry, I'm going to fix that! ๐Ÿ˜Š

If you're trying to create a presence on social media for your service-based business and you're struggling...

It's not your fault! (And you're among friends here)

So, what do you do??!

You need a content creation strategy that mixes trends and evergreen video topics targeting your ideal customer.



Here's How it Worksโ˜๏ธ

Check out what my clients say

"The incredible support...has been UNREAL. I would have had NO idea how to do this alone. I launched this week, had 9 people buy & counting. If you're thinking about hiring or getting support from Lauren, do not think twice!"

-Hannah, The Positive Method

"Not only does Lauren know the how to's, she also knows the market.  Thank you Lauren for offering so much more that expected. ...your help was fundamental to my growth in business."

-Caroline, Heaven on Earth Herbals

"Finally being able to encapsulate what I was offering and being able to talk about it. We had 19% conversion from our zoom webinar to those who bought our program, which I'm just over the moon about. I cannot sing your praises highly enough!" 

-Shauna, Youthful You

"Wow thank you SO much - incredibly helpful. On my way to embrace reels and get them flowing!! "

-Alicia Johnson, Feel Good Fitness

"Oh wow Lauren. I have peeked at the first 3 slides and I'm blown away already. WOW! Truly magical. So grateful, thank you so much and the honouring of my message comes through loud and clear."
- Samantha, A Conscious You Massage

"Thank you so much for creating this for me! I will start implementing today.

- Cynthia, Opera Singer & Voice Coach

Services on Social

30-Day Custom Content Creation Plan

  • 30-day Custom Content Deck
  • 100% personalized marketing strategy
  • Your unique value proposition outlined for you
  • Audit of your current social media



$97 USD

Get started on Instagram, grow your audience, increase your engagement and start reaching those paying clients!


This Deck will help you:

  • Create & maintain a social media presence in <2 hours per week
  • Follow a simple video content creation plan that you can make from home
  • Use video to attract real-life people (who pay with ๐Ÿ’ฒnot ๐Ÿ‘)
  • Help you sound like you (not everyone else) in your posts

Cut out distractions and time wasting activities and be 120% focused on what makes the biggest difference in your business.

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